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Was there a special veteran in your life? A family member? A friend? We’re on a mission to remember, honor and teach about these American heroes. Join us by sponsoring a wreath & we’ll ensure that their sacrifice is remembered yet again.
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What does it mean to sponsor a wreath? It means you are supporting a yearlong mission to Remember the fallen, Honor those that serve and Teach the next generation the value of freedom. Your sponsorship will support the new and existing programs developed to share the mission. And, it will place a wreath to honor an American hero at one of more than 3,700 participating locations this year on National Wreaths Across America Day – a day set aside to lay gathers as Americans with the same goal.

We can’t do that without your support, though. Your sponsorship will ensure that a wreath is hand-crafted of all-American balsam and hand-tied with a red velvet bow here in Columbia Falls, Maine. It will then be sent to one of our participating locations, where a volunteer will place it on the marker of a hero. That volunteer will then “say their name” to ensure that the legacy of duty, service and sacrifice is never forgotten.

So, what does it mean to sponsor a wreath? It means you have the opportunity to join a grateful nation in saying “thank you” to those who stepped up to serve.

*Please Note: Specific locations designated as "ceremonial-only" accept a limited number of sponsorships. Any additional sponsorships received beyond those used for the ceremony will be distributed to other locations.

By choosing to sponsor a grave-specific wreath, you’re requesting that a Remembrance Wreath be placed at a specific marker within a participating cemetery location. Please understand that our volunteers do their very best to ensure that all requests are fulfilled to the best of their ability on Wreaths Across America Day. To make a grave-specific request, please be sure that all location details, including: section, row, marker number, and any other information (i.e. columbarium) is accurately included in your order. Wreaths Across America does not have access to cemetery records or databases and relies on you to provide these details.

If you choose to place your grave-specific wreath yourself, please arrive early so that another well-meaning volunteer does not unintentionally honor your loved one by placing a wreath on their marker before you are able to do so. Another way to avoid this situation is to invite a friend or relative to attend with you and have that person wait at your loved one's grave site while you pick up your wreath. This way, if another volunteer should come to place a wreath on that particular site, the person standing by the site could request the volunteer to move to another marker. 

Grave Specific
If you'd like to make a grave-specific request, please be sure to provide us with all applicable details below. Not all locations are able to accommodate grave-specific requests, but our volunteers do their very best to honor your wishes.
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